Karole Campbell – for many years – has ensured success for my projects by employing her personal skills as well as assembling a team of professionals to assist. To a person or a business Karole’s team are all consummate professionals with unequaled skills either on the creative or the production side. When I take on a new project I count on the fact that Karole can and will deliver a great product to help in my efforts for success.

Political Campaign Manager

Madwoman Marketing has been a trusted marketing partner of mine for much of my career in the Pikes Peak region. Karole excels at establishing a full understanding of the project or need of her clients and knows the market better than anyone I have engaged with for marketing services. As the VP of a large healthcare provider in Colorado Springs, Madwoman effectively guided us to developing campaigns and marketing strategy for a variety of projects including new services and locations, medical specialty launches, and community relations. She navigates easily between the for profit and nonprofit environments and brings in expertise to augment her experience in delivering a complete and effective marketing strategy. The Well3 Project she coordinated for the community when the ACA was passed involved everything from community meetings to social media to engaging stakeholders and pursuing audiences for the project.

Large Multi-Specialty Medical Group Chief Marketing & Development Officer